Coal Creek Heritage Park

A natural area once home to Cumberland’s Chinatown and #1 Japanese Town site.

Harold Lim, Clifford Lowe Philip Lowe sitting on a rock on the bank of China Creek. Click to view more images.

The Coal Creek Heritage Park is a 40-acre municipal park just west of Cumberland. This natural area was once home to Cumberland’s bustling Chinatown (at the east end) and Japanese #1 Town site (at the west end). The park is linked by a lush wetland and old Wellington Colliery Rail bed. The park is home to the last remaining structures from Cumberland’s Chinatown –Jumbo’s Cabin, a new picnic pavilion, walking trails, a new Cherry Tree orchard to mark the #1 Japanese Town site, and 2 private residences.

The Village of Cumberland, Cumberland Museum and Archives, and Coal Creek Historic Park Advisory Committee invite you to see 17 new and improved interpretive signs at the Chinatown Historic Site in Cumberland’s Coal Creek Historic Park.  An unveiling ceremony took place on Sunday May 7th at 1:00 pm in the park, and included a guided walking tour, snacks and refreshments.