Cumberland & District Historical Society

Celebrating Cumberland’s History

The Cumberland and District Historical Society (Cumberland Museum & Archives) was founded in 1981. Located on the corner of First Street and historic Dunsmuir Avenue, the artefacts and archives within the building relate to the rich history of the Village of Cumberland, BC, which was established as a coal mining camp in 1888.

One of the longest-running non-profits in the Village, incorporated in 1981, but operating before this in the former printing office of the Cumberland Islander office at 2757 Dunsmuir office since 1969.

It is with gratitude we thank the founding members of our organization for their work that set the stage for the years of community engagement that followed and continues to this day.

To our community of members

In 2020 the Cumberland & District Historical Society will host our Annual General Meeting as a live Zoom event.

2020 has been a time of change for the Cumberland Museum & Archives and we wish to celebrate with our members at our Annual General Meeting. A review of the annual financials highlighted projects and events and projects undertaken in 2020 will be presented and a slate of renewing and new directors will be voted upon.

AGM Agenda | PDF
2020 AGM Meeting Minutes – Draft | PDF
AGM Quorum is 10 members
Please register to attend. Registration will be open until 4:30 pm on May 11th, 2021. Please register here and a link to the meeting will be sent to you.

The Cumberland & District Historical Society’s bylaw’s state the Board can have up to 9 directors. In the 2021 director elections, a slate is being proposed. The membership will decide to vote on the slate or to elect each nominated member individually to serve a two-year term. A quorum of ten members is required to hold elections.

Current Slate of Members for Election to the Board:
Darren Adam
Open Position

Interested in becoming a board member? Here are a few helpful things to consider:

  • Board members hold positions for two-year terms
  • The Board meets once monthly and requires regular attendance at meetings
  • You must be a current voting member to be elected to the board
  • The Board followings a policy governance model as a governance best practice

All nominations for board positions are asked to submit their request for consideration by May 7, 2021, to A call for nominations will be allowed for members at the live event, names presented at this time will be added to be bottom of the slate if an open seat is available for election.

Resources for members
Introduction to Policy Governance | PDF

Current Board of Directors [August 5, 2020 – May 12, 2021]
Karen Melnyk – Chair [one year remaining on term]

Paul Laronde – Vice-Chair [one year remaining on term]

Carolyn Kirk-Albert – Secretary [one year remaining on term]

Darren Adam – Treasurer

Gwyneth Cathyl-Huhn – Director [one year remaining on term]

Colleen Nelson – Director [one year remaining on term]

Kathy Langford – Director [one year remaining on term]

Roger Albert – Chair [retiring]

Courtney Fidler – Director [retiring]