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Although little remains of Cumberland’s Chinatown, it was once a thriving and bustling
community for Asian-Canadian miners. Chinatown contained many one or two room wooden shacks, each with a tiny vegetable garden. There were also many boarding houses. At its peak there were more than eighty businesses including grocery stores, restaurants, drugstores, two 400 seat theaters, a temple and eighteen gambling houses.

Explore the history of Cumberland’s Chinatown with hands-on artifacts, photographs, maps, stories, and lessons. Our hope is that students will come away with an understanding of the challenges for the Chinese community in Cumberland’s early years, the celebrations and traditions, and the significant impact of the community within Cumberland.

This hands-on kit is relevant for grades 3 through 7. The kit is $35.00 to rent, and available for 2 week intervals.

Email bookings@cumberlandmuseum.ca, or call 250 336 2445 to book this exciting kit for your classroom.



“I love to do an ‘Old Cumberland’ pioneer unit with my grade 3’s. It was awesome to be able to teach about Chinatown, which is such a huge part of Cumberland’s history, and to experience actual artifacts. The students loved the calligraphy and watching the Chinatown video.” – Pam Twin, Grade 3 teacher, Cumberland Elementary

 Receive $10 off your next class tour when booking the learning resource kit.